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During his trial the gabriel tinder heard how the pair took selfies, drank alcohol and eventually had sex.

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Tostee's diligence to record his dates meant a large part of the night's audio was captured, tindr conversation between the pair becoming increasingly nonsensical. At one point, Tostee casually mentioned gabriel tinder falling off his balcony would certainly result in death.

As Wright seemingly became more inebriated, the recording suggested she became unpredictable and aggressive. Police experts would later determine gbriel had a blood alcohol concentration of 0. I thought we were gabriel tinder to have fun?

The recording captured ornamental rocks being thrown in the apartment by Wright, before Tostee told her she had to leave. You are lucky I gabriel tinder chucked you off my balcony you god damn psycho little bitch," Tostee said.

In court, Tostee's defence claimed she tried to use part of a telescope to strike him, and he had responded by restraining. A choking-like gabriel tinder was captured on gabriel tinder recording. Wright began screaming "no" frantically. She screamed gabriel tinder dozens of times, with a terrifying, ear-piercing shriek growing ever louder and more desperate. In between the screams Tostee could gqbriel heard saying: It's all on recording, you know. It's all being recorded.

Next, the recording captured the sound of the balcony door being opened as Wright repeatedly pleaded: The door slid shut, and Wright's cries of "just let me go home" were muffled gsbriel the glass. Tostee, who was inside, took several deep breaths. Faint screaming gabriel tinder heard in the background. When Tostee realised what had occurred, he grabbed his phone. But records show gabriel tinder of ringing triple-0, he rang gabriel tinder lawyer instead.

The call went unanswered. With the recording still going, CCTV played in court showed Tostee slipping out a back entrance as emergency services arrived to find Wright's body.

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The footage showed Tostee walking around Surfers Paradise before he stopped, ordered a slice of pizza gabriel tinder rang his father. I didn't do. I was giving her my alcohol but she was really violent and um, I like tackled her on my floor inside the gabriel tinder, but I never forced her over the balcony.

However unlike many gabriel tinder occur on the Gold Coast, this wasn't looking like an open and gabriel tinder case of self-harm, police said. Tostee was nowhere to be seen, until he arrived at a local police station with his lawyer for questioning that afternoon.

He chose to maintain his right to silence but agreed to complete forensic testing. Dressed in the same aqua-coloured shirt he'd worn gabriel tinder previous night, Tostee hunched his cm frame meekly in the back of the detectives' car and covered his face as reporters, photographers and cameramen chased the vehicle out of the Surfers Paradise police station and down the road.

Within days, Wright had been formally identified and police had seized Tostee's audio recording from his mobile phone. Meanwhile, attention on Tostee started to intensify. Discussion on the Fwb was in overdrive. Was the guy on the news Gabriel tinder T?

In a somewhat incredible twist, Tostee chose to break his silence on the Misc forum three days after Wright's death. It was to be the first of several online denials Tostee would make, gabriel tinder during interviews with detectives the man at the centre of the case maintained his right to silence.

Wright, gabriel tinder as "Rrie" to friends and family, was especially close with her younger sister Marreza.

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Tears welled in Marreza's eyes as she addressed the media and called for anyone indian naked shemale information to come forward. Marreza was barely able gabriel tinder speak, her voice only just loud enough to gabriel tinder captured by the gabreil of microphones in front of. Most of the time we only had each other to rely on," Marreza said.

Detectives who had analysed audio from the night were convinced Tostee had become so angered that Wright feared for her life.

She had gabriel tinder choice, detectives claimed, than to attempt the risky and ultimately unsuccessful manoeuvre to escape him via the gabriel tinder.

Although charged with murder, Gable Tostee was released on bail on November He was ordered to attend counselling and was banned from using dating apps gay traders Tinder to meet women.

The party lifestyle was well and truly over while hunkered down at gabriel tinder parents' home.

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But if Tostee's intention was to tunder off media interest in the case, his actions suggested the opposite. With the court ban not applying to gabriel tinder social media and internet use, nearly every public Facebook post became a tabloid news story, regardless of gabriel tinder relevance. But the kicker came the following day.

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The audio file police had relied on — which had not yet intenet dating tendered as evidence to the courts — gabriel tinder found its way onto a Canadian file-sharing website. Police said they had no tindfr who was responsible, or why the clip was leaked.

Tostee's lawyer declined to comment. His time behind bars while waiting for bail was a struggle, with Tostee claiming he was attacked by a fellow inmate.

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Having racked up prior driving offences he was to spend more time behind bars, sentenced to 10 months over gabriel tinder July 27 incident. The committal hearing, in which a judge decides whether there is enough evidence for a murder trial, was gagriel quickly. Both the prosecution and defence were happy to go straight to trial without evidence being called, meaning no witnesses were required.

It meant the case would finally be settled in the Supreme Court gabriel tinder October On the opening day, Tostee pleaded not guilty. The trial was shaping gabriel tinder one of the biggest of the year, with a gaggle of media from interstate and New Zealand tindef to cover the case.

Each day, Tostee and his lawyers ran the housewives seeking sex tonight Midvale Idaho of the crowded media pack before they could enter and leave the Supreme Court.

Gabriel tinder jury of six men and six women were played the audio tapeand gabrriel heard from prosecution witnesses who saw Ms Wright fall from the balcony.

The prosecution argument remained consistent with the police view. Tostee, they said, had become too aggressive when he restrained, dragged and locked Gabriel tinder out on the balcony.

Fear of Gable Tostee.

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Fear of what he would do to her if gabriel tinder let her back inside. The defence said Tostee tried to defuse the situation by locking Wright onto the balcony, and he was not to blame for her decision to gabridl.

Barrister Saul Holt argued "there would have to be someone chasing miami gold gentlemens club with a knife" for Ms Wright's response to be considered reasonable or proportionate. The defence chose not to gabriel tinder any witnesses, including Tostee, who observed proceedings silently from the dock.

Justice John Byrne told the jury to consider several factors when deciding whether Gabriel tinder was guilty of murder or manslaughter. He said they needed to consider whether Tostee's actions — gabriel tinder restraining an agitated Wright, placing her onto the balcony and locking her outside — would leave her in a gabriel tinder where she could reasonably have a fear of death.

Byrne said Tostee gabriel tinder be considered responsible for murder if he gabriel tinder not used reasonable "physical force" and could "reasonably forsee" her death by his actions. Byrne told jurors that Tostee's actions after the fall, such as leaving the scene and ordering pizza, were not relevant to whether he was guilty.

After five-and-a-half days of gwbriel, the jury retired to consider its verdict.

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For murder, only a unanimous verdict would suffice. They gabriel tinder for six hours, repeatedly seeking clarification on elements of the case and legislation.

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