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Looking for a female mate

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Callinectes sapidus.

Female beauty in nature may have less to do with attracting the opposite sex than previously thought. A new mathematical model lookking that romantic attention, by itself, is not enough to give attractive females an evolutionary edge over their plainer counterparts—even when those good looks help them find superior mates.

The findings, published in the journal Evolutionshow that for females, the benefits of beauty likely go beyond success looking for a female mate the mating market.

In most animals, males are the showy sex; females are drab and inconspicuous. But in some species, including mats, insects, lizards, fish, and primates, females can be eye-catching.

Females of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus develop red-tipped claws that some liken to painted fingernails. Deeper red is more alluring to males, who look for crimson claws looking for a female mate lighter orange ones. Female dance flies have feathery fringes on their hind legs which they wrap around their abdomens to make them appear wider and more fertile.

Females adorned with frillier legs attract more mates. Biologists have studied male embellishments such as showy feathers, manes, wattles, horns, and antlers for more than a century.

Searching Sex Looking for a female mate

Attractive males get more girls and sire more offspring because of their good looks. But the evolutionary payoff for flashy females is less clear. The extra work involved in producing and nurturing young means females are less likely to benefit from scoring additional sexual looking for a female mate. The lookign answer is that females go for quality, not quantity.

To see if the idea holds up, Fitzpatrick and coauthor Maria Servedio of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill developed a mathematical model that predicts changes in the frequency of ornamented females in a population over time. Looking for a female mate their model, some males are better mates and some are pickier. Physically attractive females in the model are sometimes able to lure superior males with whom they produce more surviving offspring than their less glamorous peers.

Attractive females then pass their good looks on to their daughters, who also have a reproductive advantage, and so on from one generation to the. Contrary to expectation, the model shows that winning the romantic interest of picky males is not enough to mats how desirable feminine features become widespread—even looking for a female mate better-looking females are more likely to land a good catch.

Duke University. Search for: Science Health Culture Environment.

Share this Article. You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4. Similar embryos can start with very different instructions.

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